"For my senior thesis I have produced my formal paper, a mini-documentary, and the fabrication of a headpiece accessory. 


I chose to explore the world of drag with this project because ever since I saw RuPaul’s Drag Race for the first time almost two years ago I have been obsessed ever since. I have admired seeing the explosion of the culture and adoration of the drag scene among my community of young small-town gay boys. I fell in love with the irreverent attitude of the queens through fashion, comedy, and performance and have witnessed a wave of young aspiring drag queens across social media in recent months. 


For my senior thesis, I have collaborated with a local drag queen of color to integrate my craft with theirs. Because my paper focuses on racial divisiveness in the drag community, I worked with a local queen of color to gain better insight into how they perceive the community. The essence of my efforts with this project is about bridging gaps. I thought I would take this time to educate myself, help educate others, and collaborate with an artist outside of my own discipline of product design.


Utilizing the skills I have learned while studying product design I chose to design a headpiece fitting for a drag queen. Using my experience from creating soft goods within my own work I chose to make a headpiece out of fabric adorned with rhinestones that alludes to the Catholic religion."


- Cristian Luis

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